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Pink : Better Continuous Ink Supply Systems

We gives you the best solutions for printing.
Our products are with excellent quality, competitive price and good quality warranty.
Our product lines consist of Continuous ink supply system (CISS), ink, compatible ink cartridge , chips, various machine, and printer service etc.

We always give and serve with the best quality.
We get good positive feedbacks from customers based on high quality and customer satisfaction services.


Our Product

Featured Product
  • R230 
  • C110 , T30 
  • C58 , CX2800 
  • Press Mug 
  • Press T-Shirt 
  • Plong ID Card ( YATAI ) 
  • Dye Ink for Canon 1 Lt 
  • Lamination D ( YATAI ) 
  • Dye Ink for Epson 500 ml 
  • 1290 
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